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What Clients are Saying

We love hearing what the experience of working with us was like for clients. Thank you to our dear client Janet for this fabulous testimonial!

My makeover with Cynthia and Michelle was uplifting, educational, and fun.  Both of these ladies are extremely talented, and quite gifted with making you feel comfortable from the moment you meet them.  During the consultation, I started feeling good about myself because they concentrated on my assets rather than what could be seen as negatives.  This was reinforced during our shopping trip by the clothing selections they suggested for me.  Wow – from frumpy to fabulous is how I would have to describe my reaction!  The knowledge they imparted to me has provided a foundation on which I can build a fabulous wardrobe.  Cynthia and Michelle are so personable and easy to work with that you come away from the process having found not only yourself, but two new friends as well.  What could have been an intimidating experience turned out to be a joyful revelation.

Some makeovers leave you feeling flat, but because of input from two different stylists plus the client, the outcome is completely 3D – Defined, Dazzling, and Doable.  Defined – no more guesswork.  Dazzling – you look incredible.  Doable – at any budget.

I would highly recommend their services to those of you who are seeking a personal color analysis, wardrobe consultation, or if you’re just looking to update your image.

Janet Schiotis
Fresno, CA


Stripes, Florals & Corals: How to Find the Best of Spring Trends Without Losing Yourself!

Spring is in the air and that means fashion, fashion, fashion! This time every year the magazines and media are abuzz with all of the “must haves” for the season. So how do you discern which trends are right for you without ending up on an episode of the Fashion Police?

Here are a few helpful tips on three of the biggies this season:

Stripes: With stripes it’s all about direction and width.

  • First and foremost, horizontal stripes on ANY area of your body will make that area appear wider. This is great if you want to enhance your shoulders, but not effective if you want to downplay your bust or create the illusion of a smaller waist or hips.
  • Secondly, wider stripes, especially those with high contrast (black and white, for example) further amplify this effect.  Smaller stripes such as pinstripes will prove much less dramatic.
  • Conversely, vertical stripes elongate the body.  Just as with horizontal stripes, however, the wider the stripe the less effective the stripe at creating visual length.
  • The best rule of thumb is to choose stripes that are in proportion to your body, and opt for vertical lines and/or avoid bold stripes where you want to look more slim.

Florals: With florals think scale, contrast and color.

  • The scale of any print you wear should be proportional to your frame and features. A petite woman in a large scale print will look overpowered by the pattern, while a tiny delicate print will typically not do any favors for a woman with a large frame.
  • Secondly, try to match the contrast of the print to the contrast of your coloring and features. For example, Courteney Cox would be example of high contrast features – dark hair, fair skin and eyes, whereas Jennifer Aniston would be low contrast – her hair, skin and eyes are all close in color and depth. As a result, a print with higher contrast would flatter Courtney while a lower contrast print would suit Jennifer better.
  • Lastly, look for patterns that are made up of colors that flatter your skin, hair and eye tones. Don’t fall victim to the trap of bold, cool, black and white prints if you are a warm, low contrast woman, no matter what the magazines say!

Corals: First of all, I am celebrating this trend because coral is one of my favorite colors!

  • All corals are not created equal, however. Some corals have a lot more yellow in them, skewing toward orange, while others have more blue and lean toward rose pink.
  • There are also very vibrant as well as softer coral hues out there. The trick is knowing whether your personal coloring is warm, cool or neutral, and choosing your coral accordingly.
  • If you are unsure, a good rule of thumb is to incorporate the coral trend in an accessory or shoe, rather than donning it from head to toe, or especially near your face.
  • Try a fun handbag, and armful of bangles or a cocktail ring, or a sassy pair of coral shoes paired with jeans and a top. You’ll look as though you’re on top of the trend rather than the trend being on top of you!

For more information about how to determine your own personal colors, figure type and the best looks for you, contact us at

Happy Spring!

Michelle & Cynthia


How Hiring a Professional Wardrobe Stylist Can Save You Money (Seriously!)

Hiring a Professional Wardrobe Stylist a Good Investment in a Tough Economy

By Michelle Leath

OK, before you start thinking, “shameless self-promotion ahead”, let me assure you that I am speaking from experience. Before I started working with professionals, I was a member of that popular club – I Have a Closet Full of Clothes but Nothing to Wear.

The first time I walked into an advanced image consulting workshop as an aspiring stylist, I felt instantly like the victim of the week on “What Not To Wear” (this after years of my friends and acquaintances showering me with compliments for my fashion sense). I could tell immediately that these women had a grasp on what worked best for them. From their clothing combinations to the colors they were wearing to their accessories, they had it together. The overall effect was one of first: “let me hide in the back of the room and not draw attention to myself”, and second: “note to self – I want to learn everything they know so I can make a similar impression!”

I vowed at that moment to invest in whatever was needed to give me that same edge, to achieve that same harmony. And I did. I applied the principles I learned about my figure in the workshop to my own wardrobe. I hired one of my new colleagues to do my personal colors. I purged my closet and set out to buy replacement items. And do you know what happened? I started coming home empty handed!

By learning what colors and styles look best on me, I’ve been able to completely bypass items – sometimes even entire areas of a store – that don’t work for me. I spend much less time feeling frustrated in the fitting room, and much less money on items that end up in the back of my closet (many with the tags still on). The bottom line – I reduced my wardrobe spending by 70%! And as an added bonus I get more positive feedback on my style now than ever.

So here comes the shameless self-promotion part: Most women don’t see themselves objectively. We don’t recognize the many ways in which we are beautiful and perfect. Instead we look in the mirror and see only our droopy shoulders or bulging tummies or chunky thighs, and then we try to cover them up! A personal stylist can help you project an outer image that is in harmony with your unique inner qualities. She will provide you with the knowledge and the honest, informed guidance you might not otherwise get from friends or family members. There is nothing wrong with getting a little extra help with style and fashion. In fact, many of the most stylish women in Hollywood have entire teams of stylists that help them look so fabulous. In other words, “effortless chic” is rarely effortless!

Here’s what it boils down to. If you are like most women, you wear about 20% of what’s in your wardrobe about 80% of the time. Perhaps you fall victim to each season’s one-hit wonders, buy things that looked great on someone else, or have things you bought three years ago that still have the tags on them. Whatever the case may be, this means that a significant amount of the money you spend on clothes is going to waste. By learning to make better choices, and by wearing everything you buy, you’ll be getting a lot more value for your money. Think “Average Cost Per Wear”, ladies! And in most cases, a professional stylist’s fees are less than the cost of one bad trip to the mall. So, perhaps when you think about it, you can’t afford NOT to hire a personal stylist! After all, in today’s economy, it’s not just about spending less – it’s about being smarter with your money.


What’s better than having your own personal stylist? Having TWO of them!!!

Did you know that hiring a professional stylist can actually SAVE you money? Not to mention give you greater self-confidence! We are Cynthia Bruno and Michelle Leath, and we are the Central Valley’s What-2-Wear Team.

We use our combined expertise to help each woman identify:

  • Your unique fashion personality
  • The most (and least) flattering styles of clothing for your figure type
  • The best colors of clothing and makeup for your complexion
  • Strategies for building your wardrobe
  • Way to stop throwing money away on stuff you never wear (And in this economy it’s all about spending smarter!)

Schedule an appointment today, and let us help you with the 1-2-3’s of dressing.

1 – Color: Determine the colors in which will you look and feel your best –

not to mention use to build your wardrobe.

2 – Physique: Analyze your body structure to help you understand your shape

and how to dress it for maximum appeal.

3 – Style: Understand your unique fashion personality to harmonize your

inner diva with your exterior presence.

We’ll have you looking like a million bucks with the information from a

3 hour session with not one, but two experienced stylists!!

Additional Services:

Closet Audit & Organization

Personal Shopping

Special Event Preparation

Vacation/Cruise Packing & Outfit Coordination


Contact Information

Cynthia Bruno 559.593.1471

Michelle Leath 559.392.7121